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There is no equality in marriages because there are many things that women has to work more compare to men. Women’s compromise more in marriage then men. While if someone come for proposal for marriage they always keep conditions for girls like they should know all the household work, they can’t job after marriage. Why? Women should not sacrifice her career, know all the household work. Men should also know household work if men are doing job then. why? Should women can’t do job. They can divide the work equally they can share there household work equally and can manage there office and home work also together. Men should also learn all the household chores before marriage. why? Only women should learn both will learn then there will be equality in home to do household work and women can also do job if her husband support and motivate her. In villages we see that women get married at very early age they don’t get chance to study, dream for their career. And people in villages think that women should get married and do all the household work they should not do studies they should only listen there husband whatever they say do that from childhood women are taught this things in villages than where is equality in marriages. In today’s generation their are some people who support and motivate her their wife to follow her dreams and family also support her. But many of them don’t support specially some family don’t support at all for women to follow their career after marriage. They only think do household chores, take care of family, child. Why? Family and husband should stop her to give up her career and divide all the household work equally and should encourage and support her to follow her dreams. There should equality in marriages if men can do everything after marriage then women has the rights to not compromise or not to sacrifice on her career.