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Yes, that’s what I’m supporting most. I guess women are much stronger than what they are felt. And some fairy tales are one of those customs which makes women feel inferior. Of course every one of us know what a fairy tale meant to us and specially to girls I guess.
It’s our society made gender discrimination custom which is preached not only in India but all over the world. Undoubtedly they become a very special part of our daily routine and further these little things make a percent of who we are. But have you ever thought just like toys and dresses, we even discriminate stories as we prefer a fighting and struggling story for a boy but a story, strongly coated with patriarchal norms, which tells us how a woman should be according to preference of our society. Why? Whether it’s a boy or a girl, everyone needs the same inspiration, life lessons, strong and heroic characters to encourage their story. But no, we’re telling them literally some hypocrisy and expect them to behave like this.
Beauty and the beast, a fascinating story where it shows how a woman accept a cold-hearted man and not only make him melt as a human but she lived always by his side. Yes, that’s a very beautiful expression of love and how we should never judge on the basis of looks in a short time. But why a woman always has to be the one to do that? Can a man accept any imperfect woman who is strongly defying the rules? No, women need to be fair and beautiful to be loved.
In Cinderella, it’s a stupid story of falling in love with someone whom you met once, never talked, never knew his true colors.
In little mermaid, it says that women has to change herself and struggle to achieve someone’s love.
And what’s about Snow White? It’s literally a prince kissing the princess without even asking and she was totally okay with that.
Now what else, they are satisfying every patriarchal norms which society wants to fulfill. From a wrong citation of love to unwanted touch and even not to raise your voice, every crime is justified . And how can we forget about how should a girl deal with her problem? Yes, by waiting for their prince Charming to come in action. Wow.
That’s why it’s a request to every parents that first watch or listen that stories which are going to be imprinted on her. It’s not like there’s no story with a strong and positive influence, go for them. And if you still can’t find it, let them know the stories of bravery, honesty and the heroic actions of women in history. Maybe that’s how we’ll be able to make a real empowered society .