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NO, very few women are aware of this breast cancer it is a very common cancer seen in women. Its symptoms are lumps in the breast, changes in the shape of the nipples, and the size of the breast, breast pain is the common symptom, if women experience this she should immediately go and check for it. Because always prevention is better than the cure. Breast cancer is divided into two types one is invasive and the other is non-invasive and also breast cancer has four 4 stages this stage is basically it’s about the size of the tumor how much it grows. There is not one reason specific through which we can get breast cancer but it happens in aged women, it can also happen by genetic history, we can control it by staying healthy, regularly exercising, checking breast that is not unusual in size, not drinking much alcohol, during hormonal changes at least checking for one time. Government hospitals should take the regular campaign in rural areas and check if women are diagnosed with it or not. When women visit the hospital doctors should do check-ups. The genetic mutation of breast cancer common is BRCA 1 and BRCA2.
In India, women are less educated they don’t understand Something wrong is with their breasts. People should not be shy to discuss this with doctors. If the women keep ignoring this problem it can also lead to death. WHO has kept October as breast cancer awareness month for creating awareness earlier detention and treatment, in this month also lots hospital keep camps or do the free treatment.
Women should definitely go to the hospital this month and women should also share this with other women this is how we can reach more females and create awareness.