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Yes, I totally agree with that factor that woman participation in politics and parliament are lesser than average. Though according to the data after establishment of women reservation , this range increase from 4-5% to 25-40%.which is absolutely a happy but not enough to be glad condition .
As you said in first place that yes, there should be reservation in politics. If women in India are lacking in politics then it’s major reason is our society who always suppressing women ,telling them they are inferior and not suitable as a governing body; patriarchy, continuously condemning women rights and opportunities; sexual harassment, as women get petrified in the name of being alone in your journey, taking risks, struggle for politics and development and how we can expect them not to be so, they are struggling at every street and corner just to come home safe. Yes, this is the actual face of democracy we’re living in. And in the terms of politics, male politicians really use this satanic actions to constraint a woman’s voice. However,there’s another reasons to be blamed too like illiteracy, not being brave enough to continue the struggle;gender discrimination, as women are taught about men’s role and women’s role in a society and they should never reverse it. Women never got the proper chance to claim their right. In that case, yes, women reservation is a form of necessity.
But according to the next statement, it’s also a Reverse discriminating thought that how can we reserve a seat while someone else is proficient for it. But it’s also necessary that our parliament needs more female spakers, otherwise the issues of women due to patriarchy or social discrimination is never gonna solved. Even it’s seen that due to female quota, husbands are ruling in the name of their wife.
So, according to me, whether quotas get improved or not, we should allow and inspire our future generations to take their step forward to prove and earn their seats. And for the government, they should take extreme care that not a single voice will be condemned.