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Manpreet Singh
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One of the biggest worries is the lack of women in higher positions anywhere. We find men thriving everywhere, walking around in their suits, encouraging each other even in times of crisis when business is bad but one does not find a women’s club in the power corridors. It is not hard to see that there are a few women who would also struggle to keep their seats on the table. The number is low, so it’s too low and I’ll tell you where we made a mistake and keep repeating it every day. We punish women for their biology. We punish women for marrying and having children because while a man marries and becomes a parent with her, it is down to the woman to balance her work and care for her children and her home. We stigmatize women at work or make them think it is the best way to help their families. And then we wonder why women quit jobs through marriage and motherhood when men don’t feel pressured to do so. Why should women choose between marriage, motherhood, and work while men are wrong?
If the study is to be believed, nearly 20 million Indian women resigned between 2004-05 and 2011-12. While 24 million men joined the workers between 2004-5 and 2009-10, the number of women working in it dropped by 21.7 million. Our practices of the Archaic society and the patriarchal society force women to stop working in India after marriage and to become mothers. Girls go through education and get a job, So why they have to forget all the years of hard work and money they have spent on it when they have to move to another city for support? Why can’t women’s education and jobs be shared? This is because women are often told that it is the right thing to do. But it is not, is it? It may have been accepted once but it should not be so now. No woman should give up her job or be a sponsor because it is the easiest way for everyone involved.
Why can’t men work reduced hours to help women keep their jobs on time and collectively ensure that their children, parents, and homes are cared for? Husbands should not travel abroad if their wives cannot work there. Let men donate their free time and devote many hours to unpaid housework to help women also have jobs. Will they do it? It’s probably the hardest way for the family because everyone has to sacrifice something. This is also the reason why more often than not it is the most preferred option. An easy option is to make the woman throw something away because she will already be used to it. Whether you know it or not, that’s what happens. I am not saying that all men make their wives give their jobs for power. Most women do it easily without protest and that’s what they should stop. Isn’t it time for women to learn to appreciate their value?

We can have all the policies for gender equality. We can focus on putting girls in school and getting them jobs but it all fails when women quit their jobs after a certain point because the negative aspect of raising a family is thought to be the sole responsibility of women. Think about it. Choosing to keep your job in any position does not mean that you do not love your children or your family, it just means that all the years of hard work you put in, put in by your parents are important and important too. Shouldn’t women who quit jobs stop being a way of less opposition?