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Emotions are a way in which a person expresses a feeling. Being emotional, aggressive, or any of ways doesn’t define who you are. Women are said to be more emotional than men because she cries, she becomes emotional during a movie scene, she cries when she’s happy or when she’s angry, are these things which make women emotional?
Anyone can be emotional and sensitive but that doesn’t mean its only emotions are of being when you are sad it can be at any moment whether its good thing or worst scenario. It’s not that in each criteria women are emotional, but men can be too emotional, it’s just they don’t show it. It depends on the situation and how you act accordingly and then you can say if women are more emotional or men.
If women express herself in the form of emotion while having tears in her eyes, it is said she is so weak and cry baby and considered a weak personality to take up responsibility on her. If she strongly faces each thing and doesn’t cry or become emotional then she is considered a non-emotional woman.
It is all about what people say and think, and because of theirs thinking a woman can’t and should not change herself if she is emotional, it’s perfectly fine, and if she doesn’t act in a situation emotionally then too, she is perfectly fine. If her emotions are demonstrated and seen doesn’t mean are less emotional but its nature or behavior, we can that is taught to female from start to be quiet, calm, innocent and males being strong, brave, masculine, etc. So women are emotional because they understand each situation and it’s a behavior and you cant change.