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Since the dawn of society, femininity and emotions are viewed as weak, and thus women were labeled as the weaker sex. Now being emotional is very easily equated with women. However, we fail to acknowledge that anger is also an emotion which is displayed widely by men, but since it is deemed as a ‘masculine trait’ it is very easily accepted as being natural and manly. The statement that ‘women are so emotional’ has been used incessantly to discredit and demean women and prove that they have no credibility.

Another big aspect noticed is that whenever a woman speaks up or gets aggressive, she is asked if she is on her period, another tool used to discredit her and demean what she was saying in the first place. But the lesser-known fact is that is that during the menstrual cycle is when female hormones look like those of a man. The high testosterone levels make the women act out and irritable- which tells us that it is actually a trait common to men. And yet, when displayed by women, anything and everything becomes weak and untrustworthy and dramatic. This flawed thinking takes roots in the age- old misogyny deeply meshed with the structure of our society.

So, it can be concluded that women are not overly emotional. Emotional Intelligence or EQ is considered to be even more important than IQ these days. All traits shown by women are constantly undermined and looked down upon even though they are completely baseless. Not only is it very frustrating but it results in women having to work twice as hard as men to get recognition for the same work.