Apoorva Pathak
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Female genital Mutilation means cutting down female reproductive organs. This serious issue in many religious sects. It is estimated that 68 million women are in danger of mutilation by 2030. This crime is promoted by religion and cultural norms and still prevailing in our society. In India, this practice is performed by Bohra Muslims and it now illegal but this community people claim its constitution moral under article 25 and grant them freedom of religious practises. This practice is generally performed in developing and under-developing countries especially African countries. Due to the prevalence of illiteracy and have a false image of religion. Generally, this practice is performed just after the birth of a girl child and tries to control her sexual desires after attaining puberty.

It has increased health risk in women as this mutilation is done through a non-medical procedure and it creates
problems like haemorrhage, infection and sometimes it even lead to death. Female genital mutilation leaves fearful scars on women’s life. It is said that a person can forget her physical scars but not mental it is printed forever. This evil crime is done so that women can not take pleasure of physical interaction so only are capable of doing so. Why can’t women while being polluted or become ill-mannered? Low mentality people think that women are made to have only lots of children and they have physical intercourse, not for her pleasure but to make men feel that pleasure.

This evil practice has increased gender inequality as it tries to control female sexuality, on every 6 February we celebrate the international day of zero tolerance for female mutilation there are many international conventions for the women who are fighting with violence against them. The United Nation has recognized female genital mutilation as a human-right violation.