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Women and her definition are so many that a single word or sentence can’t define her, but the word ‘Sacrifice’ is so much related and matches to her personality, in the way women live, behaves, does something, etc. Sacrifices made by girls, women in her life are uncountable and that can’t be measured and paid off by anything or anyone.
Each woman wants to be proud in her personal and professional life but at some point, in life, they have to give up on her career and choose family. If we look at their personal life in terms of family, she is already a proud homemaker and manager of the family because those things are done by her cant be done by anyone so nicely. She is called home minister of the family because it’s an assumed tag and title for women after marriage.
But talking about the career front, she has to at some point give up because of her family or kids or in-laws, and then her career is not so much a priority and every other thing tops the list in her life. It is been observed that many women after marriages are told to leave their jobs and career and focus on family and try to become the best housewife or mother, but it’s not easy for her to do so, it’s not her choice to leave her career but it’s an untold truth that she does because of family and for a family. And if after marriage they are not told to give up, then it is assumed that she should give up when she becomes a mother, so every woman knows that in her life she has to give up her career and goals and be loyal towards the only family and be the best and do the best possible for the family.
After marriage, women need to change their surname, and so it’s a tradition that everyone follows and has to abide by, and slowly women feel like their existence is becoming less as an individual. But there are some who don’t change their surname or their husbands are supportive to them. So a woman has to give up her career not because she is willing to but its situations and surroundings and society that affects her and then she gives up…