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Apoorva Pathak
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Child marriage is the worst ceremony in India. It is still prevalent In some areas of the country. This marriage not only affect girl child but also boy and there future family i.e their kids. This marriage is generally performed to settle down girl child as early they can and now parents don’t have the burden on their parents. It not only harms mental health but also physically as well as socio-economic problems in women’s life.
Albeit there are many laws and regulations regarding child marriage still many families are practising this ritual. The main cause of this ritual is illiteracy and poverty. When families are poor and have many girl children they marry her early so that they don’t have burden anymore and they are free from her education and health in puberty. But is this going to help? Are those girls going to live happily after marriage? The answer is usually NO.
There many ill effects of child marriage such as early pregnancy which some become dangerous for women to bear the child at such a small age and she dies or if she bears child her child might die because of malnutrition, there will be no child planning this ultimately lead to poverty and population exposure, domestic violence as that girl will be depended on boy financially as she is not educated she will be exploited every day and many more evil things. But is right are girls don’t have right to live there life.
Ban on child marriage was the main topic during the British regime in India but still, there was no improvement. After that when India got independent and after the enactment of laws regarding child marriage, we don’t see a fall in the cases. these cases can only be eliminated after we educate our country people providing financial aids.
Hope these will be the change in upcoming years and we able to say that we have zero child marriage cases in India.