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Ok, maybe if we talk only about upper class society, yes there’s a deficiency on judgement on colourism but sorry to say it’s still an illusion, at least according to me.
From the lowest economical system to highest, yes maybe some don’t pass judgement directly but isn’t it practical?
We , Indians are born black, it’s according to the environment and from our genes of course.
So, why are we black. Because of Melanin. Yes, it’s what protect your skin and thus you and make you blend with the surrounding we have.
But what we’re doing? Yes, we absolutely treat it like a curse or some fault.
People are suggesting to dress up not according to your choice but according to your skin color. Using mismatch fair foundations are of course a current example.
Families are having nightmare if you are dark as nobody is gonna marry you. Every single one has imprinted in their mind that beautiful means fair and fair means beautiful.
And if you are contradicting this theory as lack of knowledge or science make the society deaf, what will you say about the ones who are making these products? Have you ever seen a dark model from India? Or leave model, have you ever seen an advertisement to feature dark women?
Yes it’s easy to say that every color is beautiful and so on but is a famous industry going to pay a dark model just because she is talented? Nope.
Yes, of course contradiction happpens. We have a lot of courageous men and women who are taking this colour issue seriously. And thanks to them that we’re at least learning to disapprove it. But from those literate one to the simple housewife, if you are not fair, you are not beautiful, and if you are not beautiful then everyone is gonna pinching you. And that’s how we are accepting our own culture and ourselves, a slow clap to us all.