Vivek Adatia
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The process of education is way beyond the scope of certain books and curriculum of schools and university. But the irony here is we are not educated enough about the process of education itself. And this is one of the main reasons why people of our nation, once famous for its revolutionary and contemporary thought process, has reduced to a relatively narrow-minded and regressive mass of people. Probably as a result of this, a number of taboos still exist in our society in this modern era and one of these persistent taboos is regarding the process of menstruation.

Menstruation is a natural, biological phenomenon that every female undergoes through. Yet, a large number of these female in our country are poorly educated about this very common phenomenon happening within their own physiology. The societal stigma attached to it plays a very big role in this. As a result of lack of awareness and information regarding menstruation, many women do not follow proper menstrual hygiene and succumb to period poverty as well. Moreover, it’s the poor menstrual educational of not only these women, who are the direct stake holders of the matter in consideration here, that contributes to it, but also of other people who are directly related to these women adds fuel to fire. These people include the family of these women, their friends and teachers and the societal bubble in which she lives. It is because, these people play an influential role in the state of their menstrual education.

The fact that people can very comfortably go to a shop and buy a toothbrush but they tend to become quite awkward when they go to purchase sanitary pads for their wives, mothers or sisters as they wrap up their embarrassments in a newspaper and cover it with a black polythene, though they are items for equally common usage, is proof enough that still a lot is desired in this arena of menstrual education. Girls missing or dropping out of school altogether due to the stigma attached to menstruation is a subject of major concern. That’s because they already are in need of extra support during these times, when they cannot wrap their heads around what’s going on with their body, and it is during this very time they are compelled or even forced to part away with their right, will and probably the desire of getting education.

The things mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg and there are substantial issues in our society at the root of which is the lack of menstrual education. Thus we can say that menstrual education is indeed a major concern for our society as it plays a substantial role in the progress and flourish of any society.