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I think an independent woman personally will never like to give up her career. when she has no choice constantly pressure put by family members to marriage, or some women have to give up they’re because of children, pregnancies, they lose motivation to continue and get very caught up in children with responsibilities. Women have to face toxic behavior from the husband’s family for doing the job and not giving enough time to home. All these things lead to giving up the career. Some husbands who are earning enough they ask their wife to leave the work by convincing I am there to fulfill your wishes you just have to look after the family because some women do not want to hamper their relations with the husband, the choices to give up their career. Women should not easily give up; she can explain that how a career is important to her family members, why she needs to be independent and their family will criticize for a while but after that slowly understand. Because is high time should stop some unwanted sacrifices and has full right to think about themselves. Your parents have educated you invested so much money, not for a reason to give it up easily. After having a child going back to work is not easy but there are also other options, and every woman should listen to herself not what other people say. If it is really getting difficult you can take a break to decide what to do. If your husband really loves you, he will never force you to give up on things that your wife wants. Personal health is also a reason for women to give up, that is acceptable that going out doing work making is not possible if she wants she can do work from home. Women should not feel sorry for making a career a priority.