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Breast cancer by far is the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in developed and under developed countries. And in Lower and upper lower class countries are suffering most rising graph of breast cancer mortality as women are diagnosed in the late stage.
Increasing urbanization, adoption of western culture, consuming too much alcohol and even genetical issues, having period at younger age, having baby at old age, not having baby at all can increase your chances of breast cancer.
Though, having a less mortality rate, we’re still making it a big issue just because the lack of awareness between our women.
In an under developed country like India where patriarchy are roaming in people’s minds, women are always supposed to whisper about these things, According to doctor, whenever you are feeling some lump or other changes, you should talk with experts. But as everyone of us knows these awarness only reach to the upper class. When we turn to the women having knowledge of breast cancer, positively approx 95% say yes. But most of them don’t know the primary symptoms and of course who knows is not gonna share it as it is more shameful for a woman to talk about it and take proper care, rather than dying of it,
According to IARC Globocan, there’s 1.38 million of new cases among which 458,000 deaths are occurred due to breast cancer. Among which 258,000 occurred in lower and upper lower class countries.
From the data we already have and from the situation it’s a clear conclusion that yes, women are lacking primary awarness in breast cancer. And of course it is sad to say not only breast cancer, women are lacking awarness in every kind of disease connected with any sexual organisms. WHO has already started campaigns like awarness in October and so on and that’s obviously a good initiative. Though if we want to really make sure that the awarness reaches every layer of social-economic system, we have to move ourselves and connect with every female and with men too, that’s how we can solve this calamity,