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anshika agarwal
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One of the most common thing we heard in society is women are so emotional. Emotions are not based on gender. It is regardless of gender. But from childhood boys are told that they don’t cry, it’s a girly habit. Why? Why men can’t cry? Why they can’t show their emotions? Why they can’t be weak sometimes?
Men are same in expressing their emotions like women but thing is that how each gender is taught to express their emotions. Women are allowed to cry because according to society they have a copyright on crying and they are also weak. Men are absolutely emotional like women but they are not allowed to express it like women. That’s the reason most of the people say women are so emotional. Yes we can’t deny to the fact that mother’s are more emotional are more connected to the child but father’s are also connected and they also love their child the same way women does. But a woman can express her emotions but man can’t express it.There is a need men and women both express their emotions as they feel and don’t hide it in their heart. They both need to understand when to react and when not to react. They have to work according to the situation not the society. It’s on us how we want to feel in a situation.
So, its patriarchy that discriminate emotions. Men and women both have same emotions, same feelings. Emotions shouldn’t be considered as a sign of weakness. Men can also be emotional like women. They also have the same right to express themselves.