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Every woman dream to be successful , to be independent and live her life according to her wish . She always dream to become something, to achieve it position . But there are many situation when a woman decide to give up her career.
A women never willingly decide to give up her dream or change her surname ,but she is forced to do so . After marriage a woman is expected to concentrate on household chores . It is considered as a sin for a woman who decide to choose her dream the after marriage and leave her women and children at home . She is considered as selfish , ultra modern, not a good mother and many insulting remarks where posed on her . Woman is always taught that there is a second or third most priority of the first priority of a woman is always her , kitchen and her family . She should be idle women, idol wife, idol mother and idle daughter — all these remarks are considered as a reward for women, as a achievement for a woman. No one ask her what she want to do ? Those woman who can stand up for herself maybe can achieve her dream but women who are not that much confident, has to kill her dream and accept the harsh reality of our life .
Second condition is during the pregnancy stage of a woman. During pregnancy many women decide to quit her job, quit her career and some time take the maternity leave. But maternity leave is only allowed in the governments sector, those women who are working in the private sector has to leave her career and job for the sake of a upcoming child .
After marriage a woman is required to change her surname . There are many places where a woman is required to change her name also- after the marriage, the group family will give him a new name and this is considered as a ritual . This simply means a woman is need to forget her pre- marriage life and start a new journey. But why don’t man is asked to change his name or surname .
Women should also understand that if her father and her family has invested so much amount on her study .So, she should not give up and choose her career institute of her family love because when she is become something this family always price is her .