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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Pride month is a month in which people from LGBTQIA community from all over the world and celebrate their victory against the non acceptance of society and various programmes are conducted during this period. June is chosen as pride month as to commemorate the riots held by LGBTQ community against police at Stanwell Inn in New York City on 28 June 1969 and hence, the riots are named as Stanwell riots. Global pride day is also held on 28 June.
Many people might be unaware of History but let me give you a brief idea about this story. In 1969 homeosexual relationships were actually banned by the US constitution. Therefore police used to often raid queer bars followed by the harassment of people of the community. Thus finally people couldn’t tolerate it and finally the queer community revolted against this for several days and many people worldwide supported them and thus they won the battle. To celebrate their victory every year in this month various parades, parties, workshops , campaigns are conducted. There is vast campaigns carried out to promote education related to homosexuality and to eradicate homophobia. The first parade was held in 1969 to celebrate the anniversary of the Stanwell riots. Thus this month is all about teaching and educating people about various sexualities and respecting them . So lets normalise homosexuality and embrace them.