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In this COVID-19 pandemic situation all things has become online all the work of education everything due to which all face problem of connectivity issues. But women has to struggle more because somewhere they has less knowledge of technology and men has more knowledge about digital. In home also if there is one computer then the priority is given to men. Women should be more aware of technology because it is important in this situation to know all the things about digital technology for girls. Through this women will get more engage with technology and will get to know more about digital knowledge than women’s can also fix the problems of digital technology with their smart brains. In villages also their should be more awareness about digital because in villages also men are one who hardly know about digital world. Then means women are not at all know about it. There should foundation or organisation for such people to conduct seminar, speeches about digital technology for village people. If they get knowledge about it they can also do online studies and gain knowledge and they can also do online business. It will be very helpful for women in villages by getting knowledge about digital technology. If women get to know this earlier they has been more successful in digital world by sharing ideas and fixing problems of connectivity issues by them. In today’s generation many of the girls are aware about digital world and many of them are not. And we all know that women faces social problems they get fake calls, harassment on social media, trolling, etc. Women should get security to not face such things because of this women feel very depressed and in that also they don’t have own time to feel better because all the household work she has to do. Women should get equally Knowledge and awareness of digital world.