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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Maternal health is an interwoven plan which includes care during pregnancy, delivery time and postnatal care. Every phase should be an enriching experience rather a mental torture. Often women is not looked after properly, and they end up caught in some other diseases and get into depression.
Women go through a lot of changes in their body during pregnancy and post delivery and these changes sometime lead to a serious health issues if proper care is not provided.
According to WHO, motherhood is a natural enriching experience for women, but we need to look after women’s health with utmost care. The changes can be seen in their physical appearance and emotional behavior. Both needs to be identified at the right time and the treatment and medications should be provided as prescribed.
We can provide them to achieve the suitable care through various ways such as awareness of maternal health and family planning, by decreasing the healthcare charges and making a proper check up routine for women along with child.
A number of measures for the well-being of the maternal health are as follows:
1. A well-balanced diet which includes veggies, meat,fish, nuts,fruits and beans.
2. Iron supplements and folic acid during pregnancy, as a precautionary measure to avoid complications for mothers and babies.
3. Regular exercises which are not much tiring.
4. Refraining from alcohol or nicotine and less caffeine.
5. Routine follow up of the health of women and growth of fetus during the whole pregnancy should be done religiously.
6. Proper vaccinations required should be taken.
Along with these the other aspects which should needs attention is maternal mental health. Women should not neglect the mental health issues during and after the pregnancy and seek the medical help and treatment.
Baby blues and postpartum depression are a category of maternal mental issues. According to their symptoms we can distinguish the normal and abnormal. Baby blues are normal and lasts for shorter period and postpartum depression are not normal and needs treatment and therapy.
Maternal health is as important as having a child, and it needs more awareness for every women out there to aviod the unnecessary health complications and deaths if women and child.