Gayatri Somvanshi
Not Helpful

Though the world has been evolving rapidly and step by step women are also developing themselves and achieving heights.we all have been witnessing that there is nothing, no field and sector that women have not been able to conquer. Yet still when it comes to leadership women have been always questioned and doubted and opposed. People still are unable to accept the guidance of the women. There are a total of only 26 women at CEO’s positions according to Pew Research. There are various challenges women have been facing and the most and foremost thing is gaining respect. Women have always been disrespected no doubt. We see many times she is not taken seriously and not obeyed as well because this has always hurted man’s ego. The orders are taken lightly and women are not taken seriously by employees . Also according to these people women don’t have ability and talent to reach higher positions and they can only achieve it through unscrupulous means.This is nothing but an unreasonable consolation for their lack of ability. Women’s ability has always been doubted by this world. People think they can’t handle professional and personal life yet it’s ironic they expect women to balance it. Then comes another shitty belief that women are emotional thinkers and are unable to think practically and rationally and are indecisive. In Fact I believe that women are more rational than men.
Now the next thing is not really surprising as according to most of the lady bosses the most difficult thing is to build a healthy relationship with the employees and especially male employees. We always know that there are women who like women tearing apart and sadly we don’t support women progressing actively. Not to forget that we as women have always disapproved of ambitious women.
Now when we talk about male employees then as mentioned earlier that this is male dominated world and a progressive, strong woman is always not welcomed here as they feel threatened by their power. So in conclusion there is still a need for more support and empowerment for women and a need to break a lot of myths created by people toward female bosses.