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Women have to go through difficulties and have to prove themselves at times, because that how society look women, women do not get the respect they deserve even at the top-level position, some males have the mindset that if much importance is given to them, they will dominate them it will hurt their male ego. Even women do not get equal pay or promotion easily as compared to men this becomes challenging, also if women family members get upset because they think she only cares about her work and her growth in professional life. If women earn more than a husband, his behavior changes and it creates complications in their personal relationship and this happens with 80 % percent with many women’s who are at the top position. Also, people spread rumors like she has affairs, she has a strong family background, and has a good relationship with bosses these are challenges she has to go through. There are many ways through which women can decide overcome her fear, she has to take speak for herself and put her opinion. There are very few women’s in the top position we need to see more women, but will only happen when people will stop discrimination among men and women give them equal chance for opportunities. This will inspire other women. Some women feel nervous about speaking of their accomplishments. They should have confidence they should be fearless while putting their opinions and giving the presentation. Women have to compromise some time for their children to take to break this also a challenge for her. Women entrepreneurs who have overcome this challenge are at a very good place now. Society should appreciate and value women’s success as they do with men. We are living in the modern world and still struggling for equality, let’s create better opportunities for women. Women have to just stay strong and overcome challenges by facing them.