Dharani Sri
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Yes, menstrual education is a major concern. Menstruation is just a biological sign that her sex hormones and physical growth are normal. Many girls think it as a problem because they are not educated enough about that biological factor.
Menstrual education is not only important for girls but also for boys. Because they are the other sex who travels with a girl in all the stages of her life right from her birth to her death. The education about menstrual hygiene is an important issue worldwide. A research conducted in 2010 has revealed that girls who are using sanitary pads are only 18% and rest of them are using unhygienic clothes or products to absorb the menstrual flow. This is not only because of the lack of education on this factor but also the thought in their mind which makes them feel shy to buy the sanitary pads.
In the ancient days they insisted the women to be separated from the house during her menstrual days. But this is the 21st century. We should wash out such a nasty myth. Using sanitary pads will protect them from being affected by cancer and other such bacterial infections in the vagina. In the places northern Uttar Pradesh, many girls bath less frequently and use unhygienic products which leads to many health issues including sexual problem.
The other reason is many women are poor to buy sanitary products. To help these girls’ government offer sanitary pads in the government hospitals at the free of cost. They have pads in their hand but they don`t know how to use it. In schools’ girls should be taught about this in detail. In home the mother should feel free to talk about this with her daughter. But in most of the cases the mothers do not talk about this. And that’s why their daughters are also feel shy to speak about the menstruation and try to hide her menstruations from the elders and other men.
I end up with a point that the education about menstruation and sex should be taught in schools and awareness should be made to abolish the rubbish thought about this BLOODY NATURE! At last, I request every man to watch PADMAN movie, in which they showed the concept that periods are just nature and using pads are not a sin!