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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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Should Motherhood Be A Choice?
Is that even a question? Of course! Motherhood should be a choice, in fact, it must be a choice. In a society like the one we live in, almost nothing is in the favor of women. A large number of women become mothers due to forced intercourse, or rape. Here, it’s obvious how they do not have a choice, because rapists do not consider decency as even an option. On the other hand, married women get pregnant at young ages like 24-26, yet again without their choice, because men feel, once they are married, they are entitled to their wives’ bodies. Let me tell you, they are not.
Having a baby or becoming a mother is said to be the biggest blessing to ever happen to one but at the cost of one’s career, or happiness? I don’t think so. At times, certain families or couples are not financially secure and sound enough to plan a family. At times, women want to focus on their career and reach at some position or point to ensure their babies a secure future. At times, women are simply not sure whether their marriage is at its best point and situation to plan a family further. It does not mean they are ‘not-worthy’ or simply ‘abnormal.’ It also does not mean they are ‘selfish’ and worry only about themselves.
A woman knows that she is responsible for the well being of her to be child. She knows what being a mother means and it is important to her too, maybe more than what it must be important to her husband because she is the one who has to carry that baby in her womb for 9 whole months. All this while, she cannot do anything according to her will because a pregnancy is a very delicate case. She can’t eat what she feels like. She can’t take medications if she falls ill. She cannot even eat what she wants to. She has to go through a number of emotional changes and a lot of depression, anxiety, mood-swings etc. This is exceptionally a lot and if she doesn’t feel that it is the right time for it or if she’s not ready for it, it should be her take. It should just be her decision and call. All our lives, we have let the men of the society overpower the women. At least on this, we must give women a freedom to choose for themselves. After all, it is the right thing. Motherhood should be a choice.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat