Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Sexism & Patriarchy Why does society place greater onus on mothers in raising children? Reply To: Why does society place greater onus on mothers in raising children?

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I totally agree why only the mother is responsible for the children’s responsibility and care. To have a baby is a Mutual decision of the husband and wife. So why the society expects mother should only take responsibility of children. Co-parenting should be done father and mother should equally be taught to give care, teach values, and manners. Most of the women are housewife so they have to look after the child and take care of, right from making the food to going parents meeting everything done by the mother, why father only responsible for financial duties surprisingly this only happens in India, in some family children don’t get the chance to see their father Everyday because Child leaves for school early morning and in the night when father comes back he already falls asleep. every father should make take some timeout for children and play with them, make the project, and take them on trips. Father should don’t remove his work stress on children, it can also affect on child’s brain. Society does not question fatherhood; the mother is always selfless for her child from the day child is born. Even when a child falls sick mother is one who doesn’t sleep a full night and take care of the child, the father should only for paying the bills for a child, society should start questioning the father. Mothers always should ask for help from the father and discuss the problem of the child instead of solving it on their own. When the father also takes responsibility mother kind of feels relieved and the child receives love and care from both the parents. Father just not limit himself by enjoying watching kids play but also play with them. Children are happiest when they get to spend time with both the parents.