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Dharani Sri
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Indian women are mostly expected to be homely. Because there is an old-fashioned myth in every culture that is kitchen is the only space for women. Although it is old fashioned many of the people still follow this nasty myth. Because of this many parents teach their daughter to do all the home chores. Every woman is insisted to be homely since their childhood. this leads women to believe that if they hunker down and do good works, they will be appreciated. But this is not going to work. Woman who understands this and raise her voice against these non-sense myths. If she opens up her mouth and talk about her dream, she needs to hear words like “when you step out of that box, things get difficult”. This is on one side. The other side is the groom always expect a homely girl. What homely girl in this case refers to? A homely girl is the one who spend her whole day in doing home chores, satisfying their in-laws and more and more but she should not go out explore her passion. This is what homely girl refers to, right? Can`t a working woman be a good wife? There are many examples in the society where a working and successful woman have also contributed much to her family and raised her children well. The society is not updated and still the groom and their in-laws expect a homely woman because she is the one who obeys their orders without any obsession and she is the one who works like a slave all day long forgetting dreams.
The society says a woman perfect if and only if she is decent in her dressing, doesn’t raise her voice and do all the chores and work like a slave. This is why Indian women are expected to be homely.