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Women- a gender which is always taught to be in a specific way, whether its small girl, teenager or an adult or an aged woman. It’s an age-old tradition or rule or myth or whatever we can say, but it’s still prevailing in today’s time, women are given gender-specific work and told to be in that within the shell.
Women are told that do this and that, sit like and not like that, walk straight and not stylishly, smile very decently and not openly, wear what covers you and not what you like. These are all examples how women are told to be in a society where she is surrounded by many. A tag of being soft and innocent is attached by birth to a girl, still, she has not grown to maturity but still softness and calm nature should be there and before a girl decides about herself, unwanted rules and conditions weigh on them for each little thing related to her.
Women are told to take up a serious thing in each aspect of life and being funny and comedy is considered as not suiting her personality. Women are emotional, sensitive, hardworking, and at the same time they can be fun too but it doesn’t mean they can’t be humorous being hardworking, they can be everything at times.
The comic industry has many females who take up stand-up comedy and crack a joke easily, but many have set a mentality that women can’t make you laugh or can’t be humorous, it invalid to consider a woman not funny because of her gender as a feminine. In fact, women by doing comedy can say a lot that needs to be said in serious terms and make people aware of the things around them.
For being funny it’s not a rule that you need to be a man. Women are not considered funny because from the old times it’s unwanted and ridiculous thought of women being serious and innocent. But now being in the 21st-century people have matured and their thoughts need to be changed regarding each perspective.