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Women are considered to be the least humorous gender. When you think of comedians, how many of them can you name? How many female comedians can you name? It would be very less in number compared to the amount of male comedians you can recall.
In fact, there is a lack of female comedians found in this world. There are many male comedians but there seems to be a lack of female comedians. In India, you see some female comedians in an open mic but majority of the comedians in the open mic would be male.
The job of being a comedian isn’t taken seriously by society, especially family. They would probably want their child to get a “proper” job rather than being a comedian.
Female comedians always face sexism. No one would have the same reaction for male comedians. Of course, no one is free from criticism. But women always face a lot of threats against their life which affects them. This is what happens when people disagree with their opinions. You have a right to criticize anyone but you have no right to send them hate.
Women also talk about things which men might not relate to: sexism and patriarchy. Although it is your opinion whether they’re unfunny or funny, they have a right to joke about their trauma. Men speak about topics women can’t relate to but they are applauded for it and considered funny. Comedy is subjective, you can find people funny or unfunny. But sexism and hate is never the way to go.
I hope one day the attitudes will change and people will allow women to joke about their lives more and not troll them for every little thing. If men find this uncomfortable, they should listen to women more and change themselves so that women do not feel uncomfortable anymore.