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Marriage is about understanding and respecting each other’s decisions in all times of joy and sorrow. It is about two people who should accept each other and give that importance to accepting their differences. Marriage is a very important and valuable phase in a women’s life, everything changes after marriage, right from her personal freedom to her career choices. After getting marriage her personal life is least considered and all she is asked to do is for her husband, in-laws, and then children, so this cycle of her sacrifices continues.
Equality in marriages is not much seen, still, like ancient times many people treat women only as house worker, and has to do chores of the house, as a priority is given to housing only and not allowed to think beyond that. If we talk about equality in marriage, there should be equal opportunities, respect, work, understanding, etc.
Inequality in terms of work distribution, like a woman, has to all works of the husband also and of hers also, and if a woman is a working woman, then she also has office work and housework too. But these things are not faced by men’s because Afterall they are male gender and their work is to earn money according to society, women are disrespected if she neglects one work or if she gives much importance to her career.
But still, many marriages are successful, why? Just because of women sacrificing and having inequality and doing as per everyone’s needs. Not at only the individual level, but the family of female also has to face many things like dowry and accepting all conditions given by male’s family, each marriage has some other problems and each marriage works successfully when a woman faces discrimination and suffers every time. Very few people are there who understand that women and men both need to equal in marriages and also in everything.