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Apoorva Pathak
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Being a woman is such a cruse in our society In ancient times. We have seen women who were ill-treated they were denied having education they were married early and if her husband dies practice of Sati use to perform in which was burned alive. This was the barbaric life of her in ancient times. Having a girl child was considered a bad omen and she was killed inside. Even saying NO was not her right she just has to say YES and if not she was beaten cruelly by her in-laws. She is considered to burn on her parents if born then on in-laws.
But now there is some relief she is getting aware of her rights even society is now accepting her. This fight was long to get justice but she gets some and she strive for more. If we see Sati Pratha was ban by the British she came up like a fire. If we see Padmavati she was a woman of honour she did not accept herself to be the slave of other people and decided to die with her honour. Many women have shown how brave they were like Rani Lakmibai, Hazart mahal who fight till the end and did not surrender.
Since the development of our constitution has provisions for women and many women came up to get their rights by approaching supreme court like daughter’s right on property, triple talaq act, alimony for women after divorce, women in short service commission are some of the judgements after the enhancement of constitution. Albeit there is the fight to be fought against unjust and make justice.
There many live examples in our life every day in which women are fighting to get their rights.