Apoorva Pathak
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To be a woman and lead her life is very difficult. It has many ups and downs she is always discriminate against starting from birth till the death. She is always having the fear of men. She considers herself always alone even if she is surrounded by many. This the life of a woman. She works till the end and sometimes these jobs are even unpaid still she does her job with a happy face.
If we that women who are doing jobs are even harassed because people, consider her character is not good as she comes late at night or works with the male. This mentality is very common.
Even women who are at higher post are considered characterless. She must have a relationship with rich people or she much has slept with someone these are some cheap wording of small mind people.
Even when we see our first lady prime minister Indira Gandhi was considering a dumb doll and many people tried to remove her from her post but she was strong will person she proved herself and lived her dreams.
When if women are working in a high position she has performed her all duties being a mother, a wife, a daughter and she do them well. She has to balance both home and work. In India 10 per cent of working women are facing sexual harassment at the workplaces. If we see many top actresses are facing physical torcher by their co-star and directors they lure her to give her better opportunities and if she denies they threaten her.
To stop this unethical practice everyone even if it a male has to come together to stop it. We all are human and in our constitution, it is written that there should no discrimination and also acts have been passed that ban and made a law against harassment at workplaces against women.