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anshika agarwal
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Why aren’t women considered funny?
Women are not considered funny. People say one thing that women can’t do is crack a joke. Men still want them to be shy and be in the four walls of house.
People are funny and these people can be men or women but women’s gender doesn’t allows them to be funny. Why she can’t be funny? Who are you to judge her? Men thinks that only they are funny. If a women is funny then she can attract the men and can be considered as loose character. When somebody argues with man on the same issue, he say tell me the five women comedians name. Why women who is funny at her workplace considered to be not serious towards her work? Why are men considered more funnier than women? This is only a stereotype which is created by patriarchy. They are alot of stand up women comedians. Men and women are equally capable of making someone funny. So stop saying that women are not funny. Talent and humor is everywhere but there is a lack of opportunity. So, don’t underestimate women. They should grasp the opportunity. There is a need women should speak on this issue and prove it to the society they are not less than men in any field. They can nailed it.
This is not good to say women are humorless because they aren’t less in anything. Nowadays there are many female comedians who are changing this so called stereotypes. Women are ruling in every field and soon they will be on top in this field also.