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anshika agarwal
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Our society has begun unlearning Colourism. Reality or illusion?
In Indian society colourism is still there. It’s not an illusion its a reality. Society is still far away from ending colourism. Colourism is basically a discrimination based on one’s skin complexion.
In Bollywood movies mostly villians are portrayed as dark skin and heroes as fair skin. And in some movies in which they show the hardships in women’s life with dark color, they basically do makeup to that woman in such sense that she should look black in color but they don’t take a women whose color is black in reality to portray the role. Why is it so? “Fair and Lovely” a cream that has recently changes it’s name to “Glow and Lovely”. Colourism has it’s effects on all genders but women faces it more. Why women are pressurised or given different kinds of creams to turn their dark skin into fairer one? Why women with black color is said that nobody will marry her due to her color? Why dark color women has less value in their family? In India everybody thinks fairer is beautiful. And 80% of the dark-skinned women are desperately trying to look fair for this Some use makeup and some use to look whitewashed just to look fairer. A myth told by indian society to girls is that if they are fairer they will get good husband. Therefore, everyone wants to be fairer.
We still have a long way to end colourism in India. People have started many campaigns like #colourmeright. There should be unlearning of colourism. Society should judge by their characters not by their colours.