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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Answer to this question is very simple because she is a woman. Because She is a woman it’s her duty to comply with her husband and she is meant to only cook and take care of children.As I said in our society woman is merely an object and property and is expected to sacrifice everything for a marriage to be able to work.
We have seen how boy’s demand for their wife to be a homemaker and not do the job as according to them they don’t need a job as they can financially support the family. Women only need to look after the family and children. Women are expected to do all the chores as according to many middle class families cannot afford to hire maids . There are even families who shamelessly demand that girls should be very active in doing chores.
Now comes a great and hige validated excuse to make women leave their job after they have a child if a child needs his mother. Why can’t a man take maternity leave to accompany his wife? For them a woman is just a baby making machine.
There are often times when a woman is told to compromise in her needs as well.They are taken for granted and often said that they do nothing great and it’s normal. Even if by chance some households allow them to go for a job they expect them to manage both house and work matters. Very easily it is said that your job should not affect the work at home and thus we often see women juggling between home and job. Even after this she is not respected and still instead is burdened with expectations and duties. It’s really necessary to teach our lads that marriages involve efforts of both the people and it is the duty of both the people to contribute equally. We need to teach our sons that things should be shared and responsibilities too and respect each other’s dream. But sadly this is not taught in our conversation.