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Gender ratio, according to anthropology and demography the ratio of males to females in population is called sex-ratio or gender-ratio. An ideal sex ratio is 1:1, though practically it’s like 1.06:1.06 and only a few countries have succeeded to maintain it. Most of countries are suffering from imbalanced sex-ratio and sadly India is one of them having approx 900 females per 1000 men with Chhattisgarh holding the highest and Haryana having lowest number of females, according to the data of 2014-’15.
Cause of this disbalance? Of course everyone of us might have imagined it.
Yes, female foeticide comes first. Our Indian families are having so much gender discrimination and only desire for a boy leads to this crime. With these, lack of health and sexual awareness, being judgemental about sex oriented issues, not taking care of maternal health are the most leading factors of having less women.
But why’s that so important? Why should we be concern about that?
The large cohort of ‘surplus’ men are affected by lack of marriageability . And the consequent marginalization of society leads to arrogant anti-social behavior. Women are feeling inferior day by day and an Imbalanced sex-ratio is also a cause of that. Social stability is being stroke down. Men are continuing their patriarchal behavior to cage a woman, means the weak in numbers. Women exploitation, sexual harassment, gender discrimination is increasing rapidly.
We have to be more concerned about the disbalance as it’s not only a mathematics problem which can be kept unsolved, it’s effects are much harrasing than we can ever imagine. In a patriarchal society, that India have, for women empowerment, we have to solve this issues, else it’ll just be a propaganda and we’ll keep post it on placard, Facebook walls but nothing’s gonna change at all.