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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Motherhood should be a choice and not a demand. It is an emotion which every woman can experience with or without having child because a woman is caring soul. But that doesn’t justify the choice of their own to have a child or not. It should be an absolute women’s individual decision to go ahead with motherhood without putting her into remand of justifications.
Motherhood is a preference that women make every day to place someone else as a priority before herself. Due to the societal and patriarchy pressure women are supposed to be a mother once they get married. There is no option or choice they get to choose whether they want to become a mother or not.
It is easy to have a child on the undue pressure of family but the actual bummer is when the child is arrived. People will only be bothered till the good news comes but the parents have to deal with perks of having a child and concerning about they will bring up the child, specially for women it is a tough assignment to deal with the health issues and with the child simultaneously.
The consequences of post delivery changes include physical as well as emotional changes in your body. Not every woman can go through this process and it should be acceptable on their part because they are not bound to have child as compulsion.
Nowadays, there are so many alternatives for having a child. Most of the women going through infertility or some any other issue which is restricting to conceive are opting for surrogacy or adoption.
You can be a mother without the pain and the long wait through adoption which not only is a social service but also a great example to set for the future generations to opt for adoptions and make a child’s future secure.
Women, do not feel guilt for not having a child and have a child when you are ready to nurture a soul.
And as, once Sushmita Sen said you don’t need a biological child to be a mother you can be a mother when you want to be a mother.