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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Women need to already go through a lot of physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and in this period they need utmost emotional and physical care. But still maternal health is not taken into consideration as it should be.
If we speak about physical health then women in urban areas do have an advantage of facilities and proper sanitation over women in rural areas.
The very first thing is there are less hospitals and less good facilities which have to be dealt with. Next thing is lack of a qualified doctor as Mostly in rural areas there are compounder turned doctors. Lack of knowledge too leads to death of foetus and mother or any one of them. Plus there are still some rural areas believing in the concept of giving birth at home making both mother and child more susceptible to infections. Next concern is poverty which leads to malnourishment for both mother and child and thus the government needs to work on getting these women to have proper nutritious food.
Now let’s jump on mental health issues . Even though urban areas women have more facilities, it may not be the case in mental health. Women nowadays are most likely to have pre- natal and post -natal depression and many households often ignore this. For many people mood changes are not validated and thus women have to go through a lot of frustrations. In many cases in fact women are abused even in pregnancy leading to miscarriages , premature death of both mother and the child . The point is we are not made aware of these issues and ignore these things .In pregnancy the environment around women should be happy and not chaotic as it will affect the child. We should work more on mental health of pregnant women and spread awareness about prenatal and postnatal health as most people are aware of prenatal but unaware of postnatal health