Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Sexism & Patriarchy Why does society place greater onus on mothers in raising children? Reply To: Why does society place greater onus on mothers in raising children?

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A mother is always responsible for the parenting day of her children . A mother is the one who keep a child on her womb for 9months , and then in her arm and at last in her heart for ever. She is very selfless and always think about her children and family .
A mother always try teach her child good habits and values that time no one pay any attention to the child because fir them it’s the sole responsibility of a woman to take care of child and no one Parise her for that , but in any case any misshapen , then that mother is blamed . It’s the so called thinking of society that women should take care of child and it’s her sole responsibility and a man has to earn money . Everyone expects from a woman to sacrifice her life , her career – for that child . But no one ask a man to stay at home and take care of child.
It is a practice which is continued form the year to year i.e; if the child made any mistake always a woman is Comfort fir the same . What kind of values and teaching she has provided to her child . People think all the responsibility of home and child is only of mother. A man should also pay attention to the upbringing of his child, if he does not do this then his child may go on the wrong path.
The biggest challenge is faced by the working woman who is supposed to complete her office work as well as her household work and along with that she has to concentrate on the upbringing of her child and it is considered as her sole responsibility .
This notice that single mother can give child love of both mother and father but if father is not capable of giving the love of mother and father . I am not saying that if father cannot give good up- bringing to his child , but yes he is also not able to give that much of care ,love and good values to child .