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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Honestly my answer is a big NO. So far India has still not achieved equality in marriages. People still live in the misconceptions that girls should be married within specific ages. There are many families who marry girls as soon as they turn 18 or even before that by forging a fake age because for them girls are a burden.
But the case is different for boys. They are allowed to fulfill their education and don’t have any compulsion to get married early.
Even though things have changed a lot since past decades as in metropolitan and big cities, the concept of living relationship is normalized. But still when it comes to choosing, women have to make a choice between their career and marriage.
Very next thing is that women are always blamed and expected to work on marriage and often blamed if things don’t work out . It is said that in a relationship one should always bow their head but it actually should be that in a relationship women should always bow their head down.
Woman is always expected to give up on her career and dreams just so to take care of family. The rituals like kanyadan are actually propertizing women and practically promoting the concept that women are objects that can be given.
Another thing that needs to come to light is why should a woman wear those ornaments just to let people know she is married? Why should women go to the groom’s family? This is really pathetic to see how the bride’s family is expected to compromise and fulfill the demands of the groom’s family.Even if the dowry concept has stopped, there are other ways to demand or why is the bride’s family shouldering the expenses of a wedding and the groom’s family having to be fussy?
Why is a woman always expected to give up her job and change her entire lifestyle after marriage and expected to adjust every time? These things are worth thinking about and changing I feel and then only I would say that we have achieved equality in marriages.