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simran arora
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Yes, motherhood must be taken as a choice and not a compulsion only because society wants it or you are aging. It is no way that a woman wastes this extra special phase of life because one’s family wants a kid. Every woman shares an irony that nobody ever asked them if they wanted to be a mother. Of course, a child brings happiness in life, but the question is if the mother is ready. Usually, it is accepted by a woman that she has to be a mother like it is an obligation to live in a society. Maybe, no one asks this question to a woman because she has the organs to produce a baby. And secondly, before she turns 30, she should have a child.

The situation gets overwhelmed when a woman decides to step back and not have a baby until she is ready. It is the moment when society tells her, ‘don’t have second thoughts,’ or ‘you will get used to motherhood once the baby arrives.’ There is no option provided, and motherhood is put as an obligation. The funnier part is as soon as a woman gets married, the first thing the family asks, ‘when are we getting the good news.’ The first thought that comes to one’s mind is that maybe they are not ready. It could be anything, but hardly there is acceptance of these statements.

One should realize that parenthood or motherhood is a serious responsibility and not a compulsion. There is no shortcut and no comparison. One could be ready to be a parent at 22, while the other may not be ready even at 35.

Secondly, as much as a child requires love and care, they need financial stability, which does not grow on trees. Many people do not realize that forcing responsibilities is not a healthy way to nurture a child as it would impact a child’s mental health. Lastly, it is alright if a woman chooses not to have a baby at all. It is her choice, and judging her would bring no good to society.

In a recent series, Tripling, one would see Chanchal, a character in the series, chooses not to have a kid at the moment. Of course, it is not accepted in the family, and later questions are raised about impotence. The acceptance of choosing not to have a baby is not coming soon, but it has begun in some sections of society.