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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Beauty standards are nothing but another section which society has hyped, specially for women to present her in a certain way. Due to the social media the beauty standards has gone to a height where we are enabled to meet up the standards of so called beauty.
Women are charming in every shape and size which they are being designed naturally. All women have her own beauty. Irrespective of every quality she has and being born with.
Social media has been a demeaning platform for beauty standards. It has raised a bar in the name of artificial man made filters to define the beauty of women. Women are in a constant race of being perfect leaving behind their natural beauty. Some women are facing low self-esteem and depression on how they are not being able to live up with the idea of beauty on social media.
We have been brainwashed from years that women who have a fair, tall and without hair body is the most beautiful girl. But what about the girls who don’t meet up with this standard aren’t they also have their legacy of beauty and why they are not supposed to be in a category of beautiful.
Women who work tirelessly for the needs of their family, and she is tanned due to the sun. If we see that women with a beautiful thought and wide eye than we can find charm in that women which is charming.
Women produces another human being, and they face a high altitude changes after the delivery. There is a stretch marks and some more marks of after effects of pregnancy. Women are supposed to not have those marks because it counts as ugly according to our orthodox society.
Women’s should live the way they want and make choices how they want to look and what makes them happy from inside.
Ladies be your best version and not just another version.