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Women always maintain the balance between personal and professional life. But then also in some family women has to listen they don’t do this that and many more and sometime they say like why you bring your Office work at home you should do it in Office only. And when there own son does that they say like my son is doing so much of work. Why there is inequality between both. After having balance with work life by doing all the household work then also women face inequality in home only than what will the condition of society thinking and mentality. Family should support both with their jobs. From morning onwards women does all the work for family by waking up early doing all the household work and then only go to the office then also she has to listen certain things about household work in that also she is not getting support of family. Women except from their husband atleast they should help them in household work and support here with work life as well. He should give strength and mental support to her wife. By doing this much also she will feel better. After coming back to home from office no matter how much she is tried but she has to cook alone for her family this shows that how strong they are. But both should take responsibility of family all the time women are not only to take care of family both should divide household work so that it will done faster and both will get time for family and own time also. Society also think that women are only to see after family and child but they should take equal responsibility for their family and child. Women does both household and job life because she has to be independent and has to follow her goals with the happiness of the family.