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Firstly we should not judge any mother because they know are strong and smart enough to take good decision about there children. But society always judge mother about there child due to which some mothers feel burden of there taunts about there children mothers only affect when they listen anything wrong about there children. Society always comment on mother how they raise their child naughty or disrespectful and also they pin point on there upbringing rather than commenting on mother or children they should change there thinking and tone to talk with children. People always says to mother for everything which is connected to child but no one will tell father of that child or point on them. People think all the responsibility of home and child is only of mother. Why? Father’s should be equally responsible for there home and child. And society should also understand that raising child is not only mother duty father should be equally responsible. People always says that mother should see after child if child is not doing good in students all will blame mother for that. Why not father? Father is equally responsible for if child is not doing good in studies. Women doing job with household work and taking care of child in that also society point women for certain things. Imagine how difficult for single mother to face this kind of society thinking lot of things they have to listen and have to face with all those problems alone. Some people says directly to children about there father is not there talk nonsense about child mother because of which child get affected and feel low. Being single mother is very difficult for women to face such kind of society thinking. Mother’s always feel burden of society when they have child. Society should change there thinking about mother’s they should support them rather than pointing them.