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Sexism among teenagers is still there between boys and girls. People mostly stereotype girls they portrayed in such a way that girls can’t do work like boys or there is also lot of comparison due to which it affect children. Some of them always teach there children that work will do boys only not girls like all the outdoor work boys will do and girls should do all household work like cooking, washing utensils, washing clothes, etc. But there should no be comparison between both equally work should be given or it is not like that boys should not do household work they can do girls can also do outdoor work it is all how we teach our children that there should be equality. When mother taught girls household work then both together should be taught household work there should not be any kind of inequality between them. We can also see that girls are very particular about there choice at shopping also girls always get attracted towards clothes and accessories and on otherside boys are very quicker to get there shopping done they don’t take much time. Like small kids while parents take them for shopping they girls always get attracted towards kitchen set, Barbie dolls or things in pink colour, etc and boys get attracted towards car, cricket kit, football, etc. In school also female teachers need any kind of help they will ask for girls to help them and same goes with male teachers they ask boys to help. We all know that both male and female teachers give punishment to boys and even beat them for not doing homework etc. But girls will not get punishment or beat for not doing homework etc. There should be equal punishment decided by teachers for both girls and boys. Children should aware of all the things going around them mainly they should understand the equality between both boys and girls.