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Since time immemorial, a woman is thought to be a father’s possession before marriage, and a husband’s after marriage; we see this written in the Manu Smriti as well, the Indian Hindu code of law. So basically, women are not thought to have any autonomy culturally speaking, despite the legal framework. This thought process is what makes women submit to marriage and motherhood and many such crucial phases of life, without having any say in the matters regarding their own lives. So, a woman does not have right over her body, her life, her decisions- everything is done for her instead without taking her will into account.

Today, even though society has progressed, women are still expected to fulfill the elder’s expectations of marrying and producing an offspring and being good homemakers. This thinking is deeply flawed as it takes away the power of decision of making which in deeply damaging to the woman’s self- esteem. Not only that but is a violation of basic human rights of autonomy of self and body. Motherhood is a serious and big decision which has serious implications. It is life changing for the father mother and the child equally; if this large change is brought upon by coercion, it turns out to be extremely disruptive for the child and the family along with the mother who goes through so much during childbirth.

Such a sensitive decision should be approached with rationality and should be the decision of the mother solely due to the harsh effect it has on her body. Hence, yes motherhood should definitely be the choice, and that too of the woman to make when she feels ready enough to bear this heavy responsibility.