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The imbalanced sex ratio is where one gender is less in ratio than the other, like the women’s ratio is less, there’s an unequal sex ratio between males and females. The sex ratio is the ratio of males to females in a population, but in India, there’s an imbalance sex ratio because still in the 21st century many of them prefer the male child to a female.
Ratio imbalance can be seen at birth i.e., primary sex ratio, before the birth of a child, the sex of the child is determined and if it’s a girl then there are cases of abortion of child killing inside the womb of the mother. The imbalanced sex ratio affects women because it is a serious social problem, which is unfortunately created by we humans.
The number of females is less than men, female from ancient times were not preferred, and still, many don’t prefer now too. Thoughts and preferences of people can’t be changed by just saying, but each human should understand precisely that there’s nothing as males are best than females, both are equally humans and both are to be valued.