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Women don’t do any sort of work and tasks to get paid in exchange for work done. She works for each family member and for anyone who needs help, be it friends, neighbors, colleagues, or family members.
Women work constantly all day, all time and till her last breath, she never has a holiday nor she gets any paid leaves for household work, but still works each time whether she is sick also. Work done at house can’t we get paid and I don’t think it would be accepted by any women because they don’t work at house to get paid, treat them with love and respect and give them equality in everything and that’s what will really make them happy.
Women actually are creators and managers of house and the whole family because there is no single thing that women can’t do, she wakes up before each family member and starts her household chores and thus her work ends when she sleeps at night after everyone sleeps, this is women and the work done by them for family and house are infinite and they cant be paid in terms of fee or salary if it can really be paid then it should be by way of Respect, Equality, Love, and treat her the Best!!!