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Beauty pageants do have their advantages; Some feel more confident, some get more smarter, some become better people and it’s good that many of the contestants raise awareness and are activists. They also have a chance to showcase their talents and get tested on their intelligence. But I do not believe that beauty pageants are empowering.
Firstly, you have to be of a certain age (18 to 25 years) and not exceed 25 years of age. Why is this? Does beauty die that fast? Why is this even a requirement?
You also have to be single, not a divorcée or married. I do not understand why having a partner affects the beauty pageant committee.
You have to be of a certain height and you also have to be female by birth. This is very bad for trans women who might want to enter into the pageant but cannot since they have this regulation.
I also do not like the fact that people are being judged on the basis of their looks. Looks are subjective and it differs for every person. Many will not have the same opinion.
These rules and regulations can be very degrading to a young girl who wants to be the next Miss World or Miss Universe. She might think she’s not good enough and then change herself so that others can approve of her.
I hope that one day the beauty pageant committees will make the registration process easier and not judge people on their physical appearance or stop beauty pageants as a whole.