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Yes, sexism is very common among teenagers, sexism basically refers to discrimination between genders teenage girls and boys, for instance, girls are not asking pick the heavy things, boys are asking for that girls should make stand in a different row and boys in a different row for boys, in school also girls are not allowed to share bench with boys, even when children buy toys there are discrimination in-between color girls will have pink color kitchen set, or doll and boys many things in blue color. Even when kids go on birthdays got different return gifts for boys and girls, small things lead to sexism. Teenagers get used to it seems normal to them. Also, male sir in school or colleges are not allowed to beat or punish girls and they can beat boys, there should be equal treatment for both. Boys are not taught to do the household chores or help their mother in cooking but some girls must learn all the housework even if they don’t have an interest in it. Girls are asked to fully cover their body and boys are allowed to for night-outs, but girls are restricted to go out at night. We can stop this by encouraging gender-neutral toys and games, collaborating with families, and training them to stop sexism. Awareness among children.