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Apoorva Pathak
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In today’s modern world we find that there is an increase in the dependence on the digital world. But after the urge of covid-19, we find that the digital dependence has been increased. But is this going to give equal access? Are women going to get the right? Or again there will the divide and again they have to travel a long journey. We have already seen the women are always discriminated against in every field.
And if we further look into it we will find that only one-fifth of women are financially independent among men. Because they are denied of having better education access. But this covid-19 has changed it to worst. Now it becomes more and more difficult because of digitalization and it has increased more gap.
The basic cause of the divide in the digital world is the lack of facilities. As women are always obstructed to go out of home and have to engage in house chores they are denied of having excess. If girls use mobile they will be ill-mannered. They will do unethical things and what if they become more successful than boys? These are some of the discriminating questions told by their family members. If we see we will also find that due to their digital gender divide many women lost their jobs., undergone depression, and increased school drop-outs.
As women are economically dependent on their family they are not able to excess equal rights often we see cultural norms increases inequalities.
Only about 21% of women in India have access to mobile internet. To decrease this digital gender divide we need to fix our infrastructure as there are many villages and isolated places where there are no internet facilities. Lowering the price of technology so that financially dependent women can also access it. Spread of digital literacy so that no abusive norms in the name of technology. Creating cybersecurity so that women could feel safe while accessing the technology.