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Mayuravarshini Mohana
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When an individual believes that she is not as qualified and skilled as others believe her to be, her confidence is hard hit. She becomes more doubtful of herself and her abilities. The imposter syndrome, as it is widely called, gives her a sense that she is faking it. Studies show that women, especially those from minority communities, are more prone to brand themselves as imposters. It is important to remember that,as perplexing as this feeling can be, it is not impossible to overcome.

Some effective methods to overcome imposter syndrome:

Focus on accomplishments and not on feelings: Individuals prone to imposter syndrome tend to dismiss their accomplishments as mere outcomes of luck. What often goes unnoticed is that these accomplishments in question establish a pattern of success which cannot be brushed off as happenstance. These are proof enough that you are qualified for a certain field, as always with a scope for growth.

Reward yourself when you have achieved a goal.

Perfectionism does not help. It only makes you exhaust yourself over a particular work. The irony is that most often perfectionists never acquire the satisfaction of a job well done.

Speak with peers and trusted colleagues. Chances are, most of them experience this, and you realise that the feeling of ineptness is quite normal and is safe when dealt with positively.